Sunburn Goa releases official 2013 aftermovieSuburn Goacoverphoto

Sunburn Goa releases official 2013 aftermovie

A festival for any raver’s bucket list, Sunburn Goa is the premier dance music event in Asia. Occupying the pristine beaches of Goa in India, Sunburn is both the largest and most coveted festival on the continent – and with good reason.  2013’s event was record-setting for the 7-year-old brand and the country itself, attracting over 160,000 fans from all over the world. Its 2014 iteration promises to be even more impressive, with enhanced production, top tier acts, and an even larger crowd.

The 6-minute after movie will undoubtedly instill some serious FOMO in even the most seasoned dance music fan and even without an official lineup announcement yet, there’s little reason you shouldn’t be spending December 27-29 on the Indian coast.

Watch the video and then keep checking back, Sunburn pre-sale tickets go on sale soon.

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