Three injured after Red Rocks shooting [Developing Story]Rr11

Three injured after Red Rocks shooting [Developing Story]

Three people were shot while inside of a white SUV transporting rapper Schoolboy Q following his performance at Red Rocks Ampitheatre late Thursday night. Those shot sustained non-life threatening injuries, while Schoolboy was unharmed. Shortly after the shooting, Red Rocks was shut down and no one was permitted to enter or leave the venue.

The SUV was headed toward Denver before being briefly stopped by police to ensure that the vehicle only held victims. In abiding by standard police policy, Schoolboy Q was momentarily handcuffed for initially failing to stop the car until officers realized the motive behind the driver’s actions.

“This initially came out as a chase, as a pursuit,” stated Jefferson County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Jacki Kelley. “It wasn’t until Denver police got this vehicle stopped that they realized it was headed to the hospital. They were headed into town and didn’t want to wait for medical.”

The three victims were immediately brought to Denver Health Medical Center, one of whom was released this morning. As of now, the 6-ft tall suspect has not yet been identified and is currently on the loose. Detectives have yet to identify a possible motive.. Despite the events, Red Rocks managers have announced that tomorrow’s show featuring Skrillex will still take place.

Via: USA Today

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