Tomorrowland teases new stage in 2014Mushroom Tomorrowland 2013 1

Tomorrowland teases new stage in 2014

With less than thirty days left on the clock until the world’s biggest electronic music festival, the makers of Tomorrowland have released another teaser video. It begins with the classic storybook feel and familiar booming voice-over, continuing onward to an animated adventure about a mythical key. There is no footage of colorful, flag-waving ravers, but rather, the video showcases Tomorrowland’s inspiration for this year’s festival design. Aside from featuring the highly anticipated Hans Zimmer hymn, the trailer’s most exciting feature comes at the teaser’s end. Just as the girl on a white stallion comes to a clearing, off in the distance we see an unfamiliar stage with large rotating spheres that look like the gears inside a clock. Perhaps this is the festival’s newest set? Only one month until we know for certain.


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