Watch This: Eerie, artistic video for Golden Features’ ‘Tell Me’Golden Features Still 2

Watch This: Eerie, artistic video for Golden Features’ ‘Tell Me’

Thousands of miles down south in the land of kangaroos, koala bears and wallabies, it’s not uncommon to find things, well, uncommon. Adding to the list of Australian oddities comes none other than a masked mystery producer who’s quickly rising to stardom: Golden Features. Earlier this year he released a self-titled EP that’s taking the Southern Hemisphere by storm. Now, adding to his success, he’s released a visual component to one of the EP’s leading songs,”Tell Me.”

The video hones in on his status as an Aussie artistic genius. It’s eerie, ominous, solemn and intriguing all wrapped up into one. Golden Features’ black and white visual rendition makes for a perfect accompaniment to a song that’s all about balance. From Nicole Millar’s soft vocals to the deeper wobbles of the backbeat, the song, and now it’s video, provide a much needed breath of fresh air for dance music.




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