Watch This: Mysteryland unleashes official after movieMysteryland

Watch This: Mysteryland unleashes official after movie

“Something took place here, something happened here. And it’s still happening. Back in 1969, we were given a blank canvas and we painted our own picture. And what we painted was Woodstock. So you know what we’re doing now? We’re gonna present these young people a blank canvas. And already they’re coming out with a beautiful picture.”

-Duke Devlin, “The Hippie who never went home”

Memorial Day Weekend 2014, East Coast electronic music lovers had to make a choice. Many felt conflicted as they pitted city against city, festival against festival and nightclub against nightclub, and somehow, fans’ must-see lists only continued to expand as the three-day weekend drew closer. For others, though, the decision was a no-brainer; Mysteryland’s debut in America was without a doubt going to be something else.

“For me, music, art and culture go hand in hand,” Kaskade says. “The fact that this festival integrates all of these things in one place, in such a beautiful environment – it makes it unique, it’s something cool.”

One month after the fact, the Mysteryland USA 2014 Official Aftermovie depicts just how magical and enthralling the festival strove to be. Art installations, sunsets, thousands of smiling faces and most importantly, the music, came together in an event that was the first of its kind in the US, but will hopefully move on to become an annual tradition.

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