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Wavefront Music Festival officially canceled

Since February, Wavefront has been fighting a battle against local residents after last year’s festival left the community with a bad taste in its mouth and a buzzing in its ears. The Chicago-based beach festival has been under scrutiny for its noise and traffic violations in 2013. In response to complaints from the surrounding community, Wavefront was rumored to have sought new real estate further down the Chicago coastline. However, despite their best efforts, it appears that even that gesture had little effect on the Harry Osterman’s, the local alderman, opinion of the event.

“We regret to announce that Wavefront Music Festival has been postponed until 2015, ” the festival posted on its Facebook page before assuring fans that “we will be back.”

Until then, relive the memories from 2013 because if Harry Osterman has anything to say about it they may be Wavefront’s last.

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In response to local concerns Wavefront moves to new location