Against All Odds: Five ways the Bingo Players overcome and look aheadBingo2 FINAL

Against All Odds: Five ways the Bingo Players overcome and look ahead

Against All Odds: Five ways the Bingo Players overcome and look ahead

To many, the first pangs of “Rattle” are unmistakable – a genre-wide recognized cluster of beats that signal a guaranteed good time to come, whether at home in preparation for a night out or dancing in unison with a sea of fellow festival attendees. No longer defined by a grandma’s favorite past time, the Bingo Players ascended as progressive house power players in a genre often impeded by vapid repetition and lackluster productions.

“Cry (Just A Little),” L’Amour,” Out of My Mind,” “Buzzcut,” “Knock You Out,” and countless remixes have lit up festival stages across the world year after year. By consistently delivering unforgettable tracks that have remained timeless across the board, the Bingo Players never ceased to flourish, defying all hurdles that they faced. In retrospect, this year’s hurdles perhaps should have been the Bingo Players’ final breaking point; the dance music realm collectively halted in the final weeks of 2013 to celebrate the life of Paul Bäumer and mourn an entire community’s loss.

Across the years, Bingo Players have never faltered, and 2014 was no exception. Today, Maarten continues to jet set across time zones for show after show while playing the ultimate balancing act of new father and active producer, and most importantly, sustaining the Bingo Players – a name that will forever remain plural. Months ago, the Dutch producer explained, “There’s so much more ahead for Bingo Players.” We sat down with Maarten to find out what to expect.

A New Inspiration: Fatherhood

In late April, Maarten uncharacteristically cancelled a Las Vegas performance to be present for the birth of his baby boy. Though facing the same perils of any other first time father, the producer spoke of fatherhood with an admirable ease. While laughing and comparing his lack of sleep on the road to his now equally sleepless nights at home, Maarten’s lighthearted jokes undoubtedly stem from a true, heartfelt revelation he shared. “It sounds cliche,” he said, almost bashfully. “But it gives you a whole new perspective on life. It’s good to see him, and think about the future.”

Focusing on a Message

In the music video for Bingo Players’ latest single, “Knock You Out,” viewers were tossed into a story that followed a woman’s journey through a controversial adversity that often goes untouched in pop or party hit music videos. The punching beats could have easily received a more lighthearted, upbeat visual translation, but Maarten explained the decision to pursue a deeper message behind the track. “There are so many videos about partying in the club and popping bottles, but I like to have a story in the video and the song.”

Future music will face no boundaries

Amongst fans, a question has risen in light of Bingo Players’ past and upcoming future. Some wondered, “Will Bingo Players return to their ‘original, old’ sound, or will Maarten establish a new style?” Quite simply, the Dutch producer seems unfazed by the barrage of expectations – or, lack thereof. “I do whatever I feel,” he says, with a subtle wave of his hand. “I think that’s the most important thing when you’re producing, that you do something you like instead of thinking about boundaries. It limits yourself.” Though an answer escapes him as for pinpointing a future sound, his mentality is guaranteed to propel Bingo Players’ new content to new, unhindered heights.

Production time is sacred

As a master juggler between his full-time traveling schedule, manning Hysteria Records and being a family man, fans wonder if there is any time left in his schedule to produce and create new music. While the Bingo Players have numerous hits under their belt, each year receives only a handful of original releases. This is perhaps due to the fact that Maarten finds the tedious hours of traveling uninspiring:”I’d rather be at home or in the studio to really get into the producing process … get into the vibe and flow.”

But have no fear; despite the fact that Maarten may spend hours on the road away from production, there is plenty coming from the Bingo Players soon.

New music is on its way

Against all odds of 2014, the Bingo Players have risen from the lows and pushed forward, eager to look ahead and continue performing and releasing new, addictive music. 3 or 4 songs are already sitting in Maarten’s back pocket, unnamed and still unfinished, but continuously gathering momentum with new ideas of collaborations and sounds. Some lean towards club beats, while others feature a strong vocal drive, and still others will invite new, “out-of-the-box” songwriters and musicians as collaborators. “It’s always a big puzzle,” Maarten humbly explains, before readying for his upcoming EDC Las Vegas set.

The Bingo Players will continue to march forward, and we keenly look forward to what’s to come.

Catch their full EDC Las Vegas set, right here.

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