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Borgore releases debut album #NEWGOREORDER [Album Review]

Raunchy lyrics and gritty dubstep sounds make the world go round – under the #NEWGOREORDER, that is. Borgore, the Israeli bass bumper, has finally released his highly-anticipated debut album, and the sound of the album as a whole comes as no surprise. Plenty of female ad-libs dance around Borgore’s rhymes as he spits wild lyrics ranging from his preferred type of woman (hint: “Ratchet”) and complements them with a range of the crafted sounds that Borgore has become renowned for. Touching on a wide variety of genres including trap, dubstep, and even big room, the roaring sound of Borgore’s production rings familiarly throughout the latest showcase of his particular sound.

The 14-track album begins with the title track, which serves to take shots at everyone and anyone that has involvement with electronic music – tongue-in-cheek, of course. The introduction actually plays out enjoyably; the production has a large dynamic range that is rather unfamiliar from the producer who tends to play with a more simple, driven approach to his music that appears on tracks like “Syrup” and “Last Year.”

The album kicks into big room house for a bit as the Buygore leader shows he cannot resist the chart-topping sound with “Hate,” “Be Ourselves,” and ”Pinata.” The productions show promise for climbing the ladder towards the main stage, with features from the “Swing” collaborator Jake Sgarlato and even Steve Aoki, who adds an appropriately named remix of the gritty “Last Year.” Trap is allowed under the rules of the #NEWGOREORDER, and “Ratchet” represents the sound on the bass-based album – which is more than appropriate given trap’s roots.

The album is also graced by Borgore’s classic “Decisions” featuring the ever-lovely Miley Cyrus, which rounds out the collection of menacing tracks well with a taste of all that is good on the producer’s latest project.

Growls, rhymes, bass, female vocals – exactly what you want, and exactly what you will get in the #NEWGOREORDER.

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