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‘No Cameras Allowed’ documentary takes raw backstage look at music festivals

No Camera’s Allowed – Trailer from OB MANAGEMENT on Vimeo.

Drawing inspiration from the same page as Almost Famous, director Marcus Haney’s forthcoming documentary offers a never-before-seen look at music festivals and everything that goes on behind the scenes. No Cameras Allowed is Haney’s own story of devising detailed plans (including forging wristbands) to sneak into music festivals to act as press, video camera in tow.

The many security guards, railing-lined entrances, and seas of audience members will be a familiar sight to seasoned festival attendees, but Haney, under the impression that many have never witnessed a “backstage” experience, skips all the general admission chaos and films his entrance through the back. Since his first sneak-in escapade at 2010’s Coachella, Haney has compiled a movie’s worth of his best film, including cameos from Beyonce, Skrillex, Jay Z, Mumford & Sons, Tiësto and many more.

The peanut gallery has already begun to throw in their two cents about the morals and legality issues that arise from Haney’s new work. Whether angered by the videographer’s antics or entertained and inspired by his daring, curious fans eager to see the film can rest assured, as it seems that MTV has already picked up the documentary marked “coming soon” on their official joint web page. In the meanwhile, No Cameras Allowed has already landed at a handful of university campuses and continues to pick up select showings.

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