Cazzette – Sleepless (The Remixes) [EP Review]Czt SleeplessRm 3

Cazzette – Sleepless (The Remixes) [EP Review]

Turn the clock back two years and Cazzette represented a peak in the so-called ‘dubhouse’ sound from the unsuspecting backdrop of Stockholm. Their recent U-turn for ICONS debut “Sleepless” landed with unsuspecting yet incredibly promising force, leaving this months remix package to seal the deal on a new chapter for the Swedish heavyweights.

Homeland upstart Oliver Nelson kicks things into gear with a fluid indie dance rendition of the original cut, executing intricately layered melodies and steady beats to buffer the original’s topline with a maturely woven backbone. Prinston’s acoustic edit strips “Sleepless” back to its basis, honing in on the strong songmanship behind the track before handing the reigns to Dear David for a minimal and scratchy rendition catered more closely to the club floor than its accompanying offerings. Made in Norway make for the most striking balance of gentle yet traditionally tailored big room with a chunky house undertone. As ICONS continues to build momentum, its hunger for fresh talent shines brightly through this accomplished collection of remixes for one of 2014’s most unexpected yet uplifting original productions.

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