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CLMD ft. Sirena – Wild Men (Original Mix)

While the announcement of the parting of Carl Louis and Martin Danielle’s parting under the moniker CLMD is sure to have left fans across the globe downcast, the Norwegian duo was never going to part ways without a final nod to their collaborative legacy. As the follow-up to Trice original “Drifting,” the final single from the project with Carl Louis comes in the form of the blissfully melodic Sony offering “Wild Men.”

True to their proven ability to bring beautiful composure, unforgettable toplines and immediate energy into coherent harmony, Sirena’s powerful vocal work is the glue that holds this uplifting stab at the borders between progressive, indie dance and electronic pop. It’s a powerful final call from the accomplished duo, signalling the closing of a very important chapter for Scandinavian dance music and the dawn of an exciting new age for the now one-man outfit and his talented peer’s forward movements alike.

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