DA Premiere: Trent Cantrelle – Dance You (Original Mix)Trent

DA Premiere: Trent Cantrelle – Dance You (Original Mix)

Trent Cantrelle┬áis known for his summery tunes and bouncy beats, but his latest sheds all dressings of his familiar sounds for a dark edgy sound. With industrial instrumentals and a haunting beat, this track discards the LA beach vibes for seedy late night dance floors – nights of hazy warehouses and foggier memories. Aptly named ‘Dance You,’ this offering impresses with its refusal to relent to melodic bliss, instead favoring driving yet entrancing percussive elements.

While most other DJ’s are churning out softer fare for this season’s fun under the sun, Cantrelle tosses in a sinister production. And it’s devilish fun indeed.

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