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Dancing Astronaut and WAVO partner for real time, user-controlled EDM charts

For nearly 5 years Dancing Astronaut has been the go-to source for the latest and greatest in dance music news and culture, serving up content that satisfies even the most discerning ears.  We are committed to democratizing the dance music space and making sure the best – not the biggest – content rises to the top.  In order to further this goal we’re partnering with Wavo.me, a crowdsourced music sharing platform, to present the biggest open dance music chart in the world: https://wavo.me/top-charts/dance.  At 65,000 subscribers and quickly growing, WAVO’s chart is the largest user-controlled dance music chart on the web.

At the end of the day, we believe that fans should ultimately have the last word on what music gets popular. Top 40 should be chosen for and by the people, not through paid promotions or sales numbers – after all, some of our favorite tracks are free downloads. By teaming up with Wavo, we believe that this new chart will give dance music fans the opportunity to voice their opinion by submitting the music they make or love and voting for the songs they want to see make it to the top.

Think some artists aren’t getting the attention they deserve? Make your voice and their sounds heard on Wavo.me’s Top Dance Chart, presented by Dancing Astroanut

Look out in July as we feature the top trending tracks from the past month alongside our personal picks.

Powered by Wavo.

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