Deadmau5 takes a satirical stab at EDM with ‘Carbon Copy Cookie Cutter’Deadmau5 Tryst

Deadmau5 takes a satirical stab at EDM with ‘Carbon Copy Cookie Cutter’

Call it a musical commentary on the heavily saturated mainstream of electronic music, or an expert level troll, but Deadmau5‘s latest antics have produced an entire song. Though known for his obscure and often wildly random titles, “Carbon Copy Cookie Cutter” embodies exactly what the name explains. The beginnings of “Carbon Copy Cookie Cutter” began as a Tweet from Joel, explaining that he was “making some incredibly cheesy shit” and hinting that with just a few presets, his example of building and dropping EDM would be “Beatport ready” in no time.

Just a few hours and a ride in the Purrari later, Deadmau5 returned to announce that his mix of “four Vengeance samples, four Nexus samples, and Brickwall Limiter” took a surprisingly short half an hour to produce. Whether due to his expertise, blasé attitude towards more common EDM sounds, or a mixture of both, “Carbon Copy Cookie Cutter” has already received quite a splash reception amongst fans. While most laugh along with the track’s thoughtfully wry samplings mixed amongst a soundscape still reminiscent of Deadmau5 flavor, others have chimed in with actual approval of the style change. One fan responded, “I get that it’s a troll, but it’s still got your spin on it so I can’t help but like it.”

Perhaps his own intro narrates it best: “Naturally, this leads to many arguments. Our story opens in the midst of one…” After announcing the completion of “Carbon Copy Cookie Cutter,” Deadmau5 released the track for free on his site. Take a listen below and decide for yourself. 

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