See the album, hear the movie: Dirty South readies upcoming ‘With You’ projectDs With U

See the album, hear the movie: Dirty South readies upcoming ‘With You’ project

Dirty South proved to be a musician capable of curating a cinematic experience with his debut album Speed Of Life. Then a departure of his usual song and dance — mastering individual releases of singles and remixes — his unique line of work is being taken to another level for his sophomore project. Raising the bar for electronic music producers, Dragan’s upcoming studio effort will be a multi-faceted display of artistry. Following the premiere of lead single “Unbreakable,” Dirty South’s upcoming With You project is more than an album, but is imaginative storytelling — a soundtrack, per se, that will be accompanied by its own short-film of the same name.

Dragan’s effort on his second album manifested as a cohesive body of work, suited with a thematic tunnel vision aesthetic. Soon after, he began drawing out the narrative, pulling the storyline within the music to create a visual experience which he, himself directed and produced. It took the sort of filming equipment required for blockbusters such as 300 and Transformers to portray the sound to more senses and complete the album’s vision. A remarkable stride for a musician with roots in dance music, With You is Dirty South exploring his synesthesia and brining it to life.

Release Date: Fall 2014

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