Dirtyloud & James Egbert – Floating (Original Mix)Dirtyloud James Egbert Floating

Dirtyloud & James Egbert – Floating (Original Mix)

If there was ever a question that the electro house world is still alive and well, look no further than this week’s collaboration between Dirtyloud and James Egbert. While the Brazilian producer has been a prominent name in the scene for a while, Egbert is something of a newer phenomenon, coming out of Colorado and rising to notoriety in the past couple of years through a series of well-polished electro originals. The two artists’ collaborative track “Floating” takes a bit of signature flair from each producer’s respective arsenal, boasting Dirtyloud’s growls and greasy bass with Egbert’s supersaws and melodic overhaul. The result is a multi-layered electro monster, teeming with quick synth riffs, exciting arps, and a seriously mean bassline.

Release Date: July 22nd

Got a thirst for electro? Look no further.

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