Dutch company Yalp Interactive creates ‘FONO,’ a solar-powered DJ boothYALP

Dutch company Yalp Interactive creates ‘FONO,’ a solar-powered DJ booth

Dutch design company Yalp Interactive has introduced a new solar-powered DJ booth for use in public places. The new technology is called FONO and allows people to play music stored on their mobile phones. The outdoor booth has been installed in public parks across Holland, Finland, and Denmark. FONO is aimed at ‘young people,’ with the hopes of connecting people to music in a positive way and encouraging them start DJing at an earlier age (as if Holland needed that). The CDJ-esque decks feature FX, sync, and cue functions, but will not allow you to change the pitch of the selected tracks.

When asked to describe why the technology was created, Yalp Interactive stated:

“[Fono is] made to dare minors and teens to explore their musical creativity, to let them make, rearrange and share music with their mobile phone and to create a social meeting place for them”. As if Dutch DJs weren’t rampant enough, now they will be starting even younger. We’re talking the potential to have these bad boys in playgrounds and at schools! Yalp released a mini commercial / informational to discuss the future of this Fono, and even though it isn’t a fully functioning booth used by more experienced producers and DJs, people can practice the basics and keep the music going anywhere.

Via: MixMag

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