EDC Las Vegas proposes expanding to two weekends; invite fans to weigh inIMG 6893

EDC Las Vegas proposes expanding to two weekends; invite fans to weigh in

Hate it or love it, there’s no denying that festivals are expanding at a lightning quick rate: shows sell out within seconds as hundreds of thousands of attendees eagerly await their chance to attend shows of Coachella, Ultra, and Tomorrowland caliber. When both Ultra and Coachella first announced the addition of their respective second weekends, heads turned to Las Vegas, wondering if EDC would follow in suit. Determined to maintain the integrity of Electric Daisy Carnival’s special weekend, Pasquale Rotella brushed aside the concerns and confirmed that EDC would remain confined to a singular weekend.

Following the success of 2014’s more commercialized and elaborate show, Insomniac seems to be toying with the idea of following in suit of peer festivals and joining the two weekend expansion. A new blog post on Insomniac’s new website titled, ‘Should EDC Las Vegas 2015 Be a Two Weekend Affair?’ invites fans to input their own opinion on why or why not the festival should consider taking over two weekends of summer in the coming year. To chime in to the conversation, head here.


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