First 2014 EDC death Coroner’s report revealed; ‘overdose of ecstasy’ listed as cause of deathIMG 7439 Edit

First 2014 EDC death Coroner’s report revealed; ‘overdose of ecstasy’ listed as cause of death

Following Electric Daisy Carnival’s opening day in Las Vegas this year, tragic news regarding an attendee’s death surfaced. Perhaps in attempt to avoid defaulting the blame to drugs often associated with raves and EDM culture as many media sources have in the past, at the time, most outlets remained vague, naming “some sort of medical condition” as a primary cause of his passing.

Unfortunately, nearly three weeks after the incident, the Clark County Coroner’s Office has revealed that the death of 24-year old Montgomery Tsang was caused by an “accidental overdose of ecstasy.” While the official cause of death is listed as acute methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) toxicity in combination with cardiac enlargement, the Coroner’s Office report allegedly uses the terms MDMA and ecstasy interchangeably. 

A definition often lost in translation amidst shrouded media perspectives, it is important to note that ecstasy and MDMA are distinctly different. Though related, ecstasy is commonly laced and/or cut with a combination of MDMA and a variety of other substances like caffeine, or more serious drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine. Switching the terms throughout the report makes it difficult to determine which substance Tsang actually ingested.

The cause of the second death reported in Las Vegas of a 25-year old found at the Vdara hotel during EDC weekend remains unclear. Read Insomniac’s official statement regarding Tsang’s death here.

Via: LV Sun

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