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Foster the People – Best Friend (A-Trak & gLAdiator Remix) [Free Download]

Montreal-native turntablist and Fool’s Gold head honcho A-Trak joins forces with trap tyrants gLAdiator to bring a fresh take to indie band Foster the People’s latest radio single “Best Friend.” Turning the original tune into a gloomy and dark production, the track distances itself from its predecessor’s poppy sound with distortion and echoing above the vocals. To keep listeners on their toes, a riser sweeps in to toss hard hits and an original Australia-inspired synth vibe during the tune’s break. While A-Trak’s name, especially in partnership with gLAdiator, brings immediate credibility to a work, it is well deserved in this instance; the refreshing trap sound rings throughout a song you’d never associate with the genre.

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