Good Morning Mix: Pleasurekraft’s ‘Not an Essential Mix’Pleasurekraft Not An Essential Mi

Good Morning Mix: Pleasurekraft’s ‘Not an Essential Mix’

With a taste for trendy tech house and techno, Pleasurekraft have always outdone themselves. Whether it be curating releases on their Kraftek label or crafting their own awesome originals, Kalle & Kaveh are consistently one step ahead of the game. Recently, the two provided a special treat for fans, creating a two-hour mixtape, cheekily titled “Not an Essential Mix.” Despite the misgivings of the title, the mix is by all means a showcase of their tastes, boasting “a good solid chunk of techno/house music, both new and old,” in their own words. The mix begins with a slick remix of Chet Faker’s “1998” but soon slides into the enigmatic stylings of their masterful curation.

In need of more mixes? Look no further.

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