Kaskade makes ‘Something Something Champs’ official on Ultra Records97714551

Kaskade makes ‘Something Something Champs’ official on Ultra Records

It isn’t every day that a mashup gets an official release from a label like Ultra Records, but “Something Something Champs” is simply unlike any other mashup of its time. The production, rearranged by Kaskade from the original “Something Something” by the man himself and “Champs” by Moguai has become something of a signature in the American producer’s sets. A song that he describes as the sound he aims to achieve every time he makes music, Kaskade has taken a simple collision of two tracks and crafted a beautiful and emotion-fueled monster. “Something Something Champs” was originally made available for free, but turned into a streaming-only track after legal issues arose surrounding the mashup of Zip Zip Through The Night’s vocal work with Moguai’s tune. Now, you may own it once again.

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