Kove leads the masses with latest MTA short-player [EP Review]Kove The Way We ARe

Kove leads the masses with latest MTA short-player [EP Review]

Since debuting with the powerful searching on Chase & Status’s RTA imprint, British drum & bass aficionado has become as much a national treasure to the bass favoring ranks as he has become an elite player in its rapid evolution. “Gobble” and “Melisma” made for an opulent start to the year for James Rockhill, but this month things are taken up a peg courtesy of his most daring yet diligent crossover attempt to date.

“Way We Are” tests bass favoring house music’s radio friendly capacity whilst honoring a period long gone but not forgotten among the industry. Rife with summer-primed energy and vocally stimulating enough to tick numerous boxes, the track marks a loud proud moment for British dance music and its rapidly expanding remits. Just when you were worried it was al star spangled prospect and summer radio hits, “Liberator” emerges to remind us of that melodically driven yet hard hitting drum & bass aptitude that first put Rockhill on course to well deserved infamy. Kove remains proof that an artist can have his cake and eat it in the modern industry, serving a package that is sure to warrant top tier movements for the months to come.

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