Listen to Ariana Grande and Zedd’s collaboration ‘Break Free’Ariana Grande Kiss 108 2014 Billboard 650

Listen to Ariana Grande and Zedd’s collaboration ‘Break Free’

Zedd dives deeper into the sea of mainstream acceptance with his latest pop production credit on Ariana Grande’s “Break Free.” More Disney Channel than dance music, “Break Free,” is just a tad too teeny-bopper to warrant any serious attention for electronic fans. Taking an obvious backseat to Grande, Zedd occasionally lets his complextro roots peak through the singer’s sugary-sweet vocals but the resulting output feels definitively bipolar. Despite its obvious identity crisis, Grande’s top line is too catchy not to sneak itself onto the radio – and the resulting edit will probably cut out the only electro sections in the track (Although, to be fair, “Break Free” will likely earn Zedd credits on another chart-topping hit).


Speaking to Billboard, Grande described the track as “fantastic and super-experimental,” when in reality it’s the exact opposite.


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