Luciano shares his influences and preps his crates for All Gone to SeaLuciano

Luciano shares his influences and preps his crates for All Gone to Sea

As Pete Tong’s All Gone to Sea continues to prep for its maiden voyage this November, we had the opportunity to sit down with the enigmatic Luciano to pick his brain on his influences and his approach to the vagabond lifestyle. Curator of one of the most iconic parties on Ibiza and the mastermind behind the Vagabundos brand, Luciano’s Chilean heritage mixed with his passion for Balearic aesthetics places him firmly as one of our top picks for Pete Tong’s high seas adventure.

After establishing yourself as a figure overseas, your US-presence has grown significantly in the past few years. What do you attribute it to?

Well, I think in a way it’s been a natural process, a sort of a steady growth as an Artist personally and for our scene too: Techno and House have a wider exposure now than in previous years, and the more you release relevant music and the more you tour – especially in the U.S. – the better. The U.S. now are reaching out to what’s going on in Europe and worldwide: the time is right for American kids to embrace this movement now,  also looking back to where it started almost 30 years ago.

Has the cultural adoption of electronic music, specifically EDM culture, played a role in your acceptance in the US?

It has played a role for everybody, let’s say it. You know, it’s too easy to just say negative things about EDM. It’s bringing Electronic Music out to bigger crowds, and so for us DJs it’s good, in a way. I believe kids who are attending the major events and festivals in the U.S. will see for themselves what’s the deal with it. Personally, I think that being accepted in the U.S. is about my music and what I built throughout the years: at the end of the day, this is what connects people.

Do you find yourself adapting your sets and sounds to appeal to an American audience? Are there any limitations there compared to a European audience?

You adapt your sets to everywhere you go, actually. I don’t drift away too much these days, it all stays in the same vibe. This is something I’m really proud of: my music appeals to people regardlessly of boundaries. It makes it so much more special.

You are originally from Chile – what role did that country have in shaping your sound? How do your travels all over the world now inform the style you play?

Chile has been my greatest influence, no doubt about it. You can hear it in my sounds, it’s in my blood, it’s my passion. The Latin flavour just flew into my music. It felt natural, like breathing. I feel very connected to my roots, to my origins and where I come from. And yes, traveling is a part of me: I feed off of it, I am a vagabond, I travel the world and the seven seas.

How did the Vagabundos party develop? How does it differ from your Origins party this year in Ibiza?

The Vagabundos party is something we do internationally these days: we exported it outside Europe. Over there we only do one-offs. We felt it was the perfect time to move on. Origins is our focus for this summer, and for the months to come: we want to go back to the original spirit that was there in Ibiza when we first started. The White Island has always been about Love and Freedom: freedom from materialistic things, freedom to express yourself. That’s what we want to do now: bring back a sense of unity and belonging.

How important has Ibiza been to you in developing as an artist and DJ?

Incredibly important. Ibiza is a unique place. Music is all around you. I am so grateful to my friends who brought me there 20 years ago. And also for me it was very important because I started with the Cocoon nights before moving on to host my own parties after that.

What will you bringing to the party on All Gone To Sea?

A lot of energy and new music!

Join Pete and his merry band of dance music icons on the All Gone to Sea cruise this November. Tickets are still available.

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