Moogfest takes a year off, set to return in 2016Moogfest2014

Moogfest takes a year off, set to return in 2016

Moog Music has announced that Moogfest will not return until 2016.  The festival, a celebratory cross-section of art, music and technology, has been met with critical acclaim but lackluster sales.  2014’s revamp cost the parent company 3 million, resulting in a 1.5 million loss after this year’s Kraftwerk headlined event.   The move to postpone future Moogfests comes with a shift in focus back to Moog Music and its world-renowned synths.

Brand Director Emmy Parker told Billboard that; “We don’t want to compromise Moog Music and we don’t want to compromise Moogfest. Moog synths are always going to come first in that equation.”

The change is not a temporary one. The event will be held biennially from now on, something that Moog Music President and CEO Mike Adams believes will allow the festival “To retain the high level of innovative programming as well as the originality and independence we established in 2014.”

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