Pierce Fulton experiments with midtempo on ‘As You Were’ [Free Download]Pierce Fulton

Pierce Fulton experiments with midtempo on ‘As You Were’ [Free Download]

While his namesake brings images of emotional and electric progressive house to mind, Pierce Fulton’s talents run much deeper. Back in May of 2012, Fulton shed light on his more experimental side, offering eclectic tracks “West Egg” and “10/6” to fans for free. Now Pierce has crafted another track of the hypnotic midtempo vein and once more opted to give it out for free.

“As You Were” is built around a central arpeggio, with side-chained pads and lead synths dancing around the oscillating melody. With the drums and underlying sub-bass in mind, the cumulative effect is quite powerful. Despite being overshadowed by his work in the big room sphere, Fulton’s experimental side should not be overlooked — it could easily be the basis for an entire new moniker.

Free Download

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