The Prodigy to release ‘violent-sounding’ full length album in 20143708 The Prodigy

The Prodigy to release ‘violent-sounding’ full length album in 2014

Leaders of the first US-dance explosion, The Prodigy, are preparing for the release of their brand new album.

According to Liam Howlett in an interview with NME, the follow up to 2009’s Invaders Must Die is “violent-sounding” and is due out sometime in 2014. In the interview, Howlett compares the forthcoming album to their past works claiming that  “It doesn’t feel so radio-friendly to me; it feels like its got a lot of edge.”

Back in 2012, the band revealed their plans for a new album that was tentatively titled How To Steal a Jet Fighter and Howlett told NME that the album will “definitely not” be called that. As far as the tracks on the album? Everything is written and in the final stages of being polished up by Howlett,  “I’m basically going through each track and making sure they’re firing.”

Via: NME