R Kelly announces an electronic music albumHere Are The Stomach Churning Se Crime Allegations Against R Kelly That People Have Forgotten

R Kelly announces an electronic music album

Add another one to the list. No, not the list of the countless stars that R Kelly joins on the pop/rap/rock-gone-electro ranks, but the seemingly endless list of projects that R Kelly has his adoring promised fans. The announcement, which can be seen above, is pretty standard in terms of genre-crossing championing speeches – R Kelly feels that his talents in music go above and beyond the confines of R&B, and he wishes to try his hand at electronic music. Do not downplay R Kelly’s musical resume: while very famous for his mishaps, the artist has accomplished much behind the microphone, and hopefully his house work is fitting to add to his bolstering list of successful works.

Could this be the EDM version of “Trapped in the Closet?” We can only be so lucky…