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Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Throttle Remix) [Free Download]

Unless you’ve shelterred yourself from all sound, it’s likely you’ve not only heard of the angel-voiced Sam Smith, but it’s even probable you’ve heard a number of his works. From his break-out track with electronic darlings Disclosure, Sam Smith continued on his path towards releasing his first solo project, on which “Stay With Me” would be the first single. While the track in its original, acoustic form absolutely swept the planet’s popular charts, the vocal-focus of the production absolutely begs for a redesign of its minimalist exterior, and that’s exactly what Australian melody monger Throttle chose to do. Earning a name for himself through multiple original releases with the Monstercat label and recent remixes officially supported and released by Avicii‘s PRMD and Le7els labels, Throttle has risen above progressive peers in the last year with his production work. “Stay With Me” lives up to the high quality tendencies of Throttle’s releases, sporting an upbeat atmosphere and brilliantly maintaining the original song’s flavor, a duality that the young producer has become┬ávery crafty with. Plenty more is on the horizon for the mastermind from down under, so grab this one and keep an ear to the Australian streets.

Free Download

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