Spank Rock – Gully (Brodinski Remix)Spank Rock Gully Brodinski Remi Artwork

Spank Rock – Gully (Brodinski Remix)

Louis¬†Brodinski can hardly be characterized by one single sound. His affinity for hip-hop, his dark, minimalist disposition, and his swirling house selections¬†make him a man of many styles, however the one sound that the Bromance official is the undisputed champion of is techno. The Parisian forward thinker has taken on Spank Rock‘s “Gully” for his latest feat of excellence, delivering an impressive, hypnotic techo-treated remix.

Swapping out the Baltimore-bred rapper’s monotonous lyrical verses for intricately layered arrangements and keenly placed robotic vocal distortions, Brodinski‘s winding remix captures a wide range of different sounds. The remix spirals into a convoluted series of filters and bombastic drum additions, all methodically meshed into his own haunting beat. The remix incorporates tasteful¬†contributions from the tune’s original producers as Boys Noize and Kid Kamillion‘s stylistic offerings are evident throughout, and although Brodinski also leaves a lot of the appeal to Spank Rock’s “pump up the bass” vocal cut, he masterfully weaves it into his spooky, thumping techno rendition.

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