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What So Not streams full unnamed track via PlayPacks smartphone app

Wild Turkey bourbon recently launched a musically-focused viral campaign that roared across the electronic music space. The campaign and a supporting app were launched to celebrate the American Honey flavor of the famous bourbon, a flavor made sweeter when it was announced that Australian power duo What So Not would be involved in the promotion with a fresh track and samples for fans to play with. Until now, that track has gone unheard in its fullest form apart from its appearance at EDC Last Vegas just last week. The samples, however,  are available in smartphone application form in the PlayPacks App, which packs the powers to turn your phone into a beat machine that can be broadcast around the world. The secret, though, hides behind in the scenes in the “Play” button, which streams that brand new WSN track.

To no one’s surprise, the yet-unnamed track is magical, and packs the special punch that only the minds of Flume and Emoh Instead can produce. To be admired, once again, is the meticulous attention to detail and crafting that goes into their thick plucks and glittering synths. Along with some of the most musical arrangements written today in the trap genre, What So Not’s masterful music holds top-of-the-top synth engineering and mastering. Their recent success and fanfare is more than deserved.


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