Study reveals demographic breakdown of EDM fanbaseUltra Weekend 2 Crowd

Study reveals demographic breakdown of EDM fanbase

For curious dance zealots and innovative marketers alike, a detailed breakdown of just who electronic music fans are has been released by Nielsen Entertainment. Undeniably one of the loudest voices in modern music and a hot pocket of relatively untapped consumers for commercial brands, the Nielsen study utilized a genre profile of EDM artists and songs to collect streaming and sales data. Partitioned by categories including gender, age, ethnicity, education background, and household income, the study aims to elucidate who makes up the surging population of dance music fans.

Overall, the ‘Electronic Music Fan’ is majority male, but not by much. A heavy portion of the listening population falls in between the age of 18 to 24 for both males and females. Broken down by ethnicity, Caucasian listeners make up the majority with 63%, while identified Hispanics and African American or Blacks take second and third. Surprised by the results, or just as you expected? Take a look at the detailed findings below.


Study reveals demographic breakdown of EDM fanbaseFinal EDM Infographic


Via: Nielsen

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