Valentino Khan delivers scorching debut EP on OWSLAValentino Khan Ep Artwork

Valentino Khan delivers scorching debut EP on OWSLA

Skrillex‘s OWSLA crew might be one of the most diverse rosters in dance music, and their latest addition, Valentino Khan, has finally dropped the EP that proves why he is among the ranks. With a decorated background in hip-hop, a proven affinity for trap and electro house and an expansive catalogue of impressive remixes across various other genres, the Los Angeles-based producer is now introducing himself to the world with his debut EP, In Khan We Trust. 

Khan is backing up the best mustache in music with a genre-jumping six track collection of head-spinning roof raisers. Each cut from the EP is a high octane party starter, save “Lets Get Baptized,” which rounds off the release with a melodically light, feel good disco tune. “Rock It” featuring iconic hip-hop MC DJ Kool is a stomping electro house dance floor anthem, with “Bloodsucker” offering a hypnotic journey into a apocalyptic vampire rave.

In Khan We Trust is a wild ride from start to finish, and the EP genuinely represents the newest OWSLA recruit’s fearlessness. Valentino Khan’s debut EP has certainly made him a force to be reckoned with, and without a genre to tie him down, you can expect big things as his partnership with his new record label officially begins.

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