Watch This: Chromeo’s funky in-flight “safety” demonstrationChromeo KCRW Apogee Studios Santa Monica 3

Watch This: Chromeo’s funky in-flight “safety” demonstration

Everyone’s favorite disco duo Chromeo, along with rising Aussie talent Wave Racer, are airborne for their latest adventure, bringing the funky good times on the 20-stop Frequent Flyer Tour. Soaring high from the remarkably successful release of their airwave-conquering album White Womenthe pair have undoubtedly made 2014 theirs, marking it with a second North American tour. Inspired by the record’s whimsical track of the same name, the Frequent Flyer Tour is gearing up for takeoff, but not without the proper pre-flight measures. Remember, safety first.

Instead of a droll, boring in-flight safety presentation, Dave1 and P-Thugg offer up a groovy music video, that sends the whole aircraft into a funk-induced frenzy. Unlike the painfully dry demonstrations you’ve undoubtedly tuned out with headphones and a preemptive cocktail order, the pop-sensation rockstars take things a little higher with their latest video release.

Presented by Funny Or Die, the pair’s latest music video is quintessential Chromeo. Complete with a cast of beautiful women, plenty of Dave’s show-stopping swagger, P’s unmatched wingman skills, and the type of good time that only comes around when Chromeo is in town, check out the Frequent Flyer music video and enjoy.

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