Watch as Hardwell dared to fly in ‘DJ Mag Bet’Hardwell Winner DJ E1382224447410

Watch as Hardwell dared to fly in ‘DJ Mag Bet’

When the opening bell rings on DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll, all bets are off for the next three months. Social media feeds will be flooded, gauntlets thrown and enticements (and bribes) bandied about. Yet with the groan-inducing vote grabbing can come some surprisingly inspired moments, and Hardwell has wasted no time in being the first to fall into this category. Released at the exact moment EDM fans could first cast their vote was a video from the reigning number one DJ entitled “Hardwell Skydive – The DJ Mag Bet,” and though its content may have been given away, its execution was delightfully less obvious. Following Robbert and four friends from the terms of the bet to the free-falling experience of losing it, Hardwell’s 11-minute long “DJ Mag Bet” gives a peek into the world of dance music royalty while serving as a reminder that kings are people too.

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