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Will Smith joins Calvin Harris on stage for Scotland’s T in the Park

Audiences are no stranger to hype emcees, but Scotland’s T in the Park crowd received a truly unexpected special guest on the show’s second day for Calvin Harris‘ main stage appearance. Of Men in BlackI Am Legend, and “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” fame, none other than Will Smith appeared on stage to welcome the Scottish producer before his set.

Over wild cheers, the Grammy and Academy award winning actor proclaimed, “I asked Calvin Harris, I said, ‘Man, I got a couple weeks off and I’m looking for an experience!'” After giving a warm homecoming welcome to the “Summer” producer, Will Smith retreated off stage until near the end of Calvin Harris’ set, reappearing on stage again. Before playing his final song and exiting the stage together, Calvin explained, “T in the Park, I brought Will Smith here so I could see a real Scottish reaction. I want to see you jump up and down for Will Smith!” 

Several days earlier, Calvin Harris posted the following Instagram of him and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air out together in a club in Ibiza. It seems as though Will Smith may have received the experience he was yearning for.

Cover photo courtesy of NME.

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