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YouTube product manager leaves company, further delays new music streaming service

YouTube, the world’s leading video-sharing website, has been making controversial headlines this year for its developing music streaming service and its effect on indie labels. Now in the news for another development, it has been reported that a key member and seven-year veteran of the Internet giant, Chris LaRosa, has left YouTube/Google, which may further delay the streaming service’s launch.

As a product manager on the music side, LaRosa acted as a liaison with publishers and labels on YouTube’s behalf, serving a vital role in bringing music videos into the realms of mobile platforms and securing YouTube’s inclusion on the U.S.’s Billboard Hot 100 chart. Google has stated that, “It’s a loss and he will be missed, but there are several people, senior and front-line, working on music. We’re not that concerned, from a product perspective,” which contradicts The Wall Street Journal’s analysis of the already long-delayed project. LaRosa is also the second head of YouTube’s music service to leave over the 12-month period. According to The Wall Street Journal, both departures were caused by frustrations of the service’s continuing delayed launch and disagreements over the service’s design, certain feature’s pricings and the service’s integration with the rest of YouTube. LaRosa will be joining a new unspecified and non-music-related startup with a long-time associate.

via: Billboard, The Wall Street Journal

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