Diddy and Guy Gerber’s ’11 11′ album release date unveiled at lastPuff Daddy Guy Gerber My Heart

Diddy and Guy Gerber’s ’11 11′ album release date unveiled at last

“11 11 is one long journey, one long emotion.”

The initially unexpected, but revealingly satisfying collaboration between Sean Combs and Guy Gerber has at last unveiled its mysterious near-end-of-summer culmination. 11 11 has been announced to release on August 13th, paired with a brief video teaser reinforcing the curious and seductive themes that have surrounded the project and elevated the mass’s intrigue.

This year has been particularly prolific in highly anticipated full-album releases with even higher expectations. Diddy and Gerber’s unlikely yet stunningly compatible partnership quickly culled non-believers through the emotionally dark first impression of “My Heart,” before the surreal instrumentation of “Tourist Trap.” Both cuts embody the beauty of “when two worlds collide.” Accumulating roughly two years of work and inspiration behind the album, the remainder of 11 11 is still completely unpredictable. Puff explains,

“I wouldn’t put it in the genre of dance music, this is just something new,”

displaying a crystal-clear confidence in the duo’s collective vision and the album’s overall final product. Diddy and Guy Gerber convincingly express their diverse artistic integrity and a strong understanding of today’s evolving music landscapes, making the wait for the exciting August 15th release feel a bit longer than mere days.

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