A$AP Mob – Hella Hoes (Jauz Remix) [Free Download]Hella Hoes Jauz Remi Mp3 Image

A$AP Mob – Hella Hoes (Jauz Remix) [Free Download]

On two opposite ends of the electronic spectrum lay the overly ambitious and sensory overload-inducing trap and the classic sounds of the European club that make up the deep house genre. Buygore artist Jauz, though, has consistently made the connection a fluid and enjoyable one, most recently with a remix of A$AP Mob’s “Hella Hoes.” The juxtaposition of gun shots ringing loudly with the carefully crafted synths of a deep house breakdown is surely strange, but less intrusive than one may think; transitions throughout the song allow the song to mold itself from one tempo to the next, and seamlessly bring in increasingly aggressive riffs. Artists that can successfully transplant the hip-hop sound to the club have historically been championed by fans, and Jauz’s productions should see no less than a grand reception.

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