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Arty – Up All Night (Slander Remix)

Step aside, festival trap. A new segment of the disseminating genre, termed “heaven trap,” is brewing and Slander has taken ownership of the surfacing sound. By now some may recall the unofficial premiere of the heaven trap series, with wheels beginning to turn several months ago following Slander’s Heaven Trap Edit of “Don’t Leave.” Soon enough, “heaven trap” evolved into a popularized hashtag with the arrivals of “Love Is Not Enough” and “Pompeii,” both of which the pair tweaked to perfection. Now, the LA duo make their return to Soundcloud to officially welcome the subgenre into the electronic dance music realm with their solid reshaping of Arty’s “Up All Night.” Sultry hi-hats mingle with jazzy snaps, swirling piano keys and towering synths – each of which have become second-nature to the heaven trap agenda. And just as its predecessors, “Up All Night” learns to make room for two and repress its forceful trap influence when up against Angel Taylor’s belting vocals. Making for one of Slander’s most well-rounded touchups to date, the edit will be released on September 9th via Insomniac Records as part of “Up All Night’s” official remix EP.

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