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The Aston Shuffle – Tear It Down (NEW_ID Remix)

Recently named one of our breakthrough artists of summer 2014, NEW_ID again earn that distinction with their latest work; and another remix it is. Last rendering Kraak & Smaak’s “How We Gonna Stop The Time” and previously teaming with Axwell for a landmark rendition of “Feel The Pressure,” the duo formerly known as NO_ID keep the bar high for their third edit. Making good on their promise of unloading a packed arsenal, the rebranded Axtone residents try their hand at The Aston Shuffle’s “Tear It Down.”  Whereas previous Aston Shuffle efforts and those of its remixes place emphasis on vocals, NEW_ID allow songmanship to become act two for mid-track relief, with well-devised rhythm building and earning listeners’ trust throughout the first act and raising the ante upon the third; the result being both a respectable progressive house effort and a crowd pleaser, even potentially turning lyrics into a potential staple hook.

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