Astro Zu feat. Tusks – Sungod (Original Mix)Astro Zu

Astro Zu feat. Tusks – Sungod (Original Mix)

Within the gigantic, multifaceted library of music that has been almost carelessly been shoved under the EDM umbrella, there are particular pockets that seem more like the antithesis of the sound than a member of it. British producer Astro Zu dominates one such pocket. Creating a sort of musical salve with his slow and steady brand of tropical trap, the DA Radar guest is back with his latest dose of medicine. “Sungod” features fellow Brit Tusks on vocals and creates a dreamy sonic playground where tones warp, notes skitter and snares tumble and roll. Perfect for pool days, late nights, or when you need a 3-minute break from reality, the stunning single will be out soon on Bad Life.

Release Date: TBA

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