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Ansolo delivers with style on Beats Music house mix

Fresh off his Tom Starr collaboration of “Totem,” released on Size Records last month, Ansolo — real name Ansel Elgort — takes to a special Beats Music appearance with an exclusive, handcrafted playlist. Elgort, who’s recently taken a swing at acting, landing roles in recent films Divergent and The Fault In Our Stars, is finding his stride in music. In Ansolo’s mix comes a diverse selection from artists such as Mat Zo, Joris Voorn, Tchami, and Justin Martin.

“This would be a playlist I would make for myself if I was going on a long drive, long walk, going to the gym, or just chillin at home. Some of my fave music right here, turns out all of it is electronic or dance, I guess thats just what I like!”

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