Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars (Kölsch Remix)Sfos Kolsch

Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars (Kölsch Remix)

With Coldplay’s dark and ethereal album, Ghost Stories, came one track that stood out like an EDM sore thumb — the Avicii-produced “A Sky Full Of Stars.” What’s become an acclaimed record in its own right has followed with a slew of remixes from a diversified group of producers. Hardwell showed his hand first with a big room effort closest in line with the original. Then came Oliver Helden’s re-work as teased in his own radio show, this take being a drift towards deep house as Coldplay met the trending “Gecko” flavor. Next in line is Kölsch, who brings the storyline of the track full circle. His rendition of “A Sky Full Of Stars” pulls back on flashy elements and retreats to Coldplay’s own current theme of grungy minimalism, only with his own stripped-down and raw twist of house.

Release Date: TBD

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