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Chicago’s Congress Theater says no to EDM

Electronic dance music continues to face obstacles, particularly in the city of Chicago, which has mutually decided alongside its Congress Theater that EDM would no longer be welcomed into the venue. Since losing its liquor license last year, The Congress had been scrutinized by authorities for its dance music shows and the raucous crowds that they attracted.

On July 30th, City of Chicago local liquor commissioner Gregory Steadman and Congress owner Eddie Carranza signed a contract stating that moving forward, EDM would be banned from the theater, regardless of whether it is bought out by new management. The agreement is detailed in a six-page plan of action for The Congress, in which EDM is defined as “music created by a DJ or multiple DJs primarily using specialized equipment and software instead of traditional instruments.” Musicians who employ prerecorded music or electronic beats in their sets will only be allowed to perform provided that they either “sing vocals or play an instrument” during their show.

The arrangement applies to “the business address, the licensee, and to all officers, managers, partners, and direct or indirect owners of the licensed entity. The sale of the business to other person purchasing the stock or membership units of the licensed entity does not void the conditions of this Plan of Operations. Any and all potential new owners of the licensed entity shall be subject to the same conditions set forth in this Plan of Operation.”

Steadman claims that the rigid ban on EDM is meant to promote safety, proposing to go so far as to enforce these regulations on any new licenses outside of Congress Corporation. His stance is firm: historically, EDM has been the source of The Congress’ legal conflicts such as its liquor license revocation in 2013. Furthermore, “We’re not saying EDM are all bad but in venues of this size — 5,000 seats —  we don’t feel this is appropriate for the Congress.” Apparently “EDM” is plural and “the community does not want those events here,” although it is still unclear as to which community Steadman is referring to.

Via: DNAinfo Chicago

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