DA Exclusive: Michael Calfan – Prelude (Radio Edit)SPINNIN Michael Calfan Prelude

DA Exclusive: Michael Calfan – Prelude (Radio Edit)

Having teased the market with an anonymous key-driven track entitled “Prelude,” Michael Calfan emerges as the man behind Spinnin Record’s next uplifting instalment. Back on the label for the first time since 2013’s “Let Your Mind Go” alongside John Dahlback, the French heavyweight makes with the long-overdue follow-up to Protocol single “Falcon” with his own customized take on the sound dominating club floors and festivals alike this summer. Calfan’s razor-sharp melodic precision runs riot throughout “Prelude,” giving the sparing French talent yet another key driven landmark to add to his already accomplished musical armoury. This is a prime example of where the big room sound can balance serious compositional stamina, all without the need for repetitive production values. If this is merely the prelude, then the next chapter from this bonafide melodic house maestro is sure to come hotly anticipated.

Release date: September 12

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