Deadmau5 unveils touch screen DJ software set up in the CubeDeadmau5 Dancing Astronaut Skyler Greene

Deadmau5 unveils touch screen DJ software set up in the Cube

Often shrouded by headlines of his questionable choice in car decals, Soundcloud satire, and his daily rantings on Twitter, it’s no surprise that many forget Deadmau5‘s smarts and talent for audio technology that has propelled him further ahead than many of his associated peers. A few days ago, Joel Zimmerman posted an Instagram video previewing his POV view from inside the famed Cube as he played around with a curious touchscreen set up.

Without further explanation, it seems that this Canadian favorite is reintroducing a touch screen software he first brought to light in late October of last year. While his earlier version took place on a screen larger than the producer himself, the new software fits snugly within the confines of his Cube as he taps, rotates, and manipulates several illuminated cube representations on his own screen. Several virtual knob renditions also make a fleeting appearance at the end of his Instagram clip.

Moments later, Deadmau5 returned to his familiar sarcastic persona without another word of his intriguing new Microsoft endorsed set up. Keep an eye out for Joel’s latest technology news and upcoming plans for his future shows.


Deadmau5 unveils new touch screen software in new video teaser

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