Deorro Feat. Dycy – Five Hours (Don’t Hold Me Back)FIVE HOURS VOCAL ARTWORK

Deorro Feat. Dycy – Five Hours (Don’t Hold Me Back)

Putting a vocal over a revered club track more than often equates to a kiss of death like leap from the credible to the commercial. It was no surprise then that the announcement of a vocal rendition of Deorro’s “Five Hours” would have at least a few people nervous that the punchy electro offering was about to be desecrated for the sake of an extended shelf-life for ICONS. Thankfully, the North American breakout’s recent social media faux pas have been overshadowed by a consistent ability to craft quality singles for a convoluted market. At the back end of the summer, “Don’t Hold Me Back” proves no exception.  Dycy’s subtle synthesised topline blends seamlessly into the original’s rapidly ascending structure, ticking all the right boxes where sing-along moments and dynamic club coherence are concerned. We’ve come a long way as an industry to be able to make radio friendly gestures without that dreaded sense of compromise. Deorro’s vocal revisit is testament not only to a subtle shift in cultural boundaries, but an acceptance that not all vocal intermissions need be feared.

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