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Electric Zoo establishes ‘Come To Life’ anti-drug effort with PSA video

The pressing and sad truth is that death has become a news headline too often associated with music festivals and dance music events. New York based Electric Zoo was one of the first major events to experience the first-hand devastation following two deaths at the show’s 2013 edition that caused the festival to shut its doors for the third and final day. The promoter’s efforts to bring Electric Zoo back were successful, and while the event has already rolled out several security measure updates, the campaigning has only just begun.

As the anticipated Labor Day Weekend show approaches, Made Event is launching an innovative PSA effort that isn’t just designed to entice festival attendees – it will be a required two minute long video to be viewed by all show goers before activating their wristbands. As part of Electric Zoo’s “Come To Life” campaign, “The Molly”  is a short video directed by James Manos Jr., writer and producer of Showtime series Dexter.

At first glance, the short’s concepts and dramatized actors might come off as cheesy and cringe-worthy, but the message arrives with positive intentions and carries a lot of weight. There’s no doubt that Electric Zoo will get people talking, and hopefully, thinking – and that might be all it takes to save a life.

Check out the entire Come To Life campaign here.



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